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In life, choose to win!

A New Vibe

We are on mission to help women awaken to their purpose and embrace their personal power in order to realize their full potential in the area of their passion. We are women who boldly, bravely and brilliantly unleash our God-given gifts to positively impact the world. We love God, ourselves and one another. We are unapologetic about our existence. In life, we win!

Our Mission

We are on mission to edify, empower and equip women on their journey to unleash their God-given gifts to impact the world!

Our Campaign

Witness more women seeing themselves as winners. We seek to build confidence, boost esteem, activate faith and initiate action.

Our Program

Inspirational and motivational workshops, retreats and publications serve to remind women who they are by God’s design.


/win  ING/   v. living out the boldness, braveness and brilliance we naturally possess when unleashing our God-given gifts to positively impact the world.

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Sport the gear and support the mission. Our clothing offers comfort, style and positive messaging. Click the image below to get the details. I Choose To Win earns a small profit from the sale of merchandise, which supports programming. If you purchase, please share a picture of you in your winning outfit, so we may post on our social media pages. Thank you for your support.

Women edifying Women

Meet our Team

We are a 100% volunteer organization: women edifying women.

Melonie Butler
Founder & President

Melonie Butler

Founder and President
Candy Manning
Vice President

Candy Manning

Vice President
Mallory Clements

Mallory Clements


Thank you for choosing to WIN!

"You were Amazing! Based on the line of women you spoke with after the discussion, your advice, guidance and input on the topic was fantastic! I especially enjoyed your passion and willingness to share that the journey isn't always easy, but one must follow their spirit."

Tina K.Temple University Alumni Relations

"I am on the journey of being obedient and walking in my gift. I had an aha moment after the session. Keep inspiring women to be their best!"

Carolyn V.Charlotte Winning Workshop

"I recommend Melonie Butler and the I Choose To Win Team for retreats. Before the end of the first ice breaker, Melonie had the teens fully engaged. All sessions were very organized and relevant. The teenagers left with a better self image and tools to help them on their journey. We've invited I Choose To Win back for our 2017 Women's retreat!"

Gail J.Winning Retreat Sullivan County