EVENT ALERT: All Hands On Deck. Addressing Social Injustice
EVENT ALERT: All Hands On Deck. Addressing Social Injustice


In the wake of the most recent attacks against humanity, many are left with the question, “what can I do?” If you’ve been asking the same question – and are left feeling empty and alone. But you know there’s a tug on your heart to be part of the answer. Join us.

The nonprofit organization, I Choose To Win, is hosting this retreat and conference inviting all motivated thought leaders, passionate impact players and willing civil rights advocates to come together for a mastermind discussion and action-planning session so we can develop strategy and devise a plan to make meaningful contributions in favor of positive, impactful change – right where we are, right now.

No matter your race, ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation – if your human agenda is to passionately address the injustice, racism, abuse of authority, lack of compassion for humanity – JOIN US.

Each of us has a sphere of influence where we can impact: our homes, our communities, our networks, our schools, our jobs, etc. We need to hear from one another, learn from one another and share with one another what’s been placed on our hearts. Then, we need to pull our heads together to strategize, agree and take meaningful action steps. As a small, yet organized, grass roots effort to impact change, we will bring real meaning back to solidarity. Let’s stand up and make a difference. Let’s exercise the power that lives inside each of us to make the world better. Our solidarity will give us the credibility and power to make change happen. JOIN US.