I Choose To Win – The Organization

I Choose To Win is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, motivational and inspirational organization that seeks to edify, empower and equip women on their journey to live a life of winning (aka boldly, bravely and brilliantly unleashing their God-given gifts to impact the world). Comprised of programming, messaging, social networks and publications, I Choose To Win showcases, highlights and promotes positive images and stories of women who are winning.

Melonie Butler, founder of I Choose To Win, established the framework for the female-focused, faith-based, motivational and inspirational organization that mirrored her personal mission – to win in life. Winning, according to her definition, is not the winning vs. losing in a competitive environment, rather fully engaging a life in sync with her God-given purpose, passion and potential.  After struggling through a period of her life, which she coined a passionless existence, she was no longer okay with remaining unfulfilled – so she embarked upon a personal journey to learn again who she was by God’s design.

Upon reflecting on her own journey, she asked herself a series of what if questions, like these below:

  • What if a generation of women was challenged to trust God with renewed vigor and stand on His promises with a hope-filled expectancy?
  • What if these women peered into their souls to find the likeness of God, awaken to His purpose for them and ignite the passion buried deeply within?
  • What if a generation of women believed what God – not society – says about them, their value, significance and worth?
  • What if women recognized themselves as children of God perfectly designed and properly equipped to live the life God purposed for them?
  • What if women refused to accept ‘what is’ as the end, and instead repurposed lessons learned from trials and turned them into stepping-stones for a promising future?
  • What if women determined they were victorious and lived life as such? They win!

In her mind, ‘What if’ had become ‘what is.’ Butler accepted the responsibility to become a catalyst for this shift. She believed the charge on her life was to create an organization that edified, empowered and equipped women with a safe environment, key tools and people resources to help redefine winning aligned with their God-given purpose, passion and potential. Butler says, “we are not created equal, we each have different gifts, purposes, talents, and perspectives, which we need to unleash and operate in. Our gifts are to be given away for the service of others. When we are fully engaged with life, God is glorified.”

The organization provides motivational and inspirational programming and messaging in various forms from motivational speaking, retreats, workshops, mentoring, magazine publishing, social networks and more.

I Choose To Win – The Phrase

I Choose To Win is a bold statement of victory. It is a clear announcement of one’s expectation out of life. It is the realization that winning in life begins with a choice, followed by an attitude and accompanied by a series of actions. Together, let’s redefine what it means to win in life – and live a life of winning together!

I Choose To Win – The Program

At I Choose To Win, we believe each and every person is intentional. We believe that everyone is here to fulfill a divinely-appointed purpose. We believe each of us has significance beyond our natural understanding. More tangibly, we possess unique gifts, talents and perspectives that make us special and essential. When we operate in absolute authenticity, we get closer to finding out exactly who we are and what we were meant to do. And when awakened to that, it is up to us, individually, to choose in favor of victorious living, aka winning!

We developed motivational and inspirational programming that seeks to edify, empower and equip women on their journey to win in life. We help individuals awaken to their purpose and we partner with those who choose to pursue their passion, in an effort to glorify God.  We challenge women to reach their fullest potential. Through multiple creative paths of self-exploration and intimate group settings do we accomplish this.

For more details about our program, visit our Programs Page. To learn more, or to inquire of our unique approach, contact us.

Program Themes Include:

  • Love God, Love Self, Love Others
  • Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant
  • Unapologetically Me
  • Victim2Victor: Mindset Shift
  • Unraveling the Mystery of Me
  • Winning: Mindset. Heart set. Life set.
  • Women edifying Women
I Choose To Win – Introducing a Video Magazine in 2018. Check it out.

The ichoosetowin e-magazine (formerly print and now video magazine) is a publication/resource that showcases, highlights and promotes positive images and stories of young women who are living boldly, bravely and brilliantly for God’s glory. By unleashing their God-given gifts to positively impact the world, these women are enjoying the fullness of life and are inviting others to do the same. Comprised of interviews, motivational messages, spiritual food, advice and announcements, this publication serves to edify, empower and equip readers to choose to win. To check them out former printed issues , click here. To check out our video magazine, click here to visit

I Choose To Win – Motivational Speaking

If you have a female audience you would like Melonie Butler to engage, edify and empower, please contact us.  Preferred audiences include professional women, young women, college students, women in transition phases of life, mom groups, ministry and professional women.

What folks are saying!

For many months, I have felt inauthentic and not true to myself and something you shared about your life made me tick - and I decided  at that moment I was going to finally stand up for myself. You made an impact in my life and I want to thank you for awakening/shaking up that part of me that needed to step up. - N. Girardot
N. GirardotParticipant, Win from Within (Diva Girl Philly Expo)
Thank you so much. Putting my intentions out there into the atmosphere has helped give me even more laser-like focus. I appreciate what you are doing for folks like me. - A. Westfield
A. WestfieldParticipant, Bold Intentions 2018
Prior to your event, I was struggling to find my voice, struggling to embrace the woman God was calling me to be; not taking the time to get to the root issues in my life. Your event helped me to see me. For the first time in a long time, I was able to embrace me and all that I am. I didn't have to hide or put on a mask, Being able to let down my wall and be amongst women full of love and support was phenomenal. - E. Edwards
E. EdwardsParticipant, Bold Intentions 2018