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In life, choose to win!

A New Vibe

We are on mission to help our fellow women awaken to their purpose and embrace their personal power in order to realize their full potential in the areas of their passion. We are women who boldly, bravely and brilliantly unleash our God-given gifts to positively impact the world. We love God, ourselves and one another. We are unapologetic about our existence. In life, we win!

Our Mission

We are on mission to edify, empower and equip women on our journey to unleash our God-given gifts to impact the world!

Our Campaign

Witness more women seeing themselves as winners. We seek to build confidence, boost esteem, activate faith and initiate action.

Our Program

Inspirational and motivational workshops, retreats and publications serve to remind women who they are by God’s design.


/win  ING/   v. living out the boldness, braveness and brilliance we naturally possess when unleashing our God-given gifts to positively impact the world.

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Thank you for choosing to WIN!

For many months, I have felt inauthentic and not true to myself and something you shared about your life made me tick - and I decided  at that moment I was going to finally stand up for myself. You made an impact in my life and I want to thank you for awakening/shaking up that part of me that needed to step up. - N. Girardot
N. GirardotParticipant, Win from Within (Diva Girl Philly Expo)
Thank you so much. Putting my intentions out there into the atmosphere has helped give me even more laser-like focus. I appreciate what you are doing for folks like me. - A. Westfield
A. WestfieldParticipant, Bold Intentions 2018
Prior to your event, I was struggling to find my voice, struggling to embrace the woman God was calling me to be; not taking the time to get to the root issues in my life. Your event helped me to see me. For the first time in a long time, I was able to embrace me and all that I am. I didn't have to hide or put on a mask, Being able to let down my wall and be amongst women full of love and support was phenomenal. - E. Edwards
E. EdwardsParticipant, Bold Intentions 2018