Let’s transform the lives of women and girls, together!

We’ve created a community of BIPOC women and girls who walk in their purpose, pursue their passions and own their personal power to realize their full potential.

About us

Helping women & girls believe in their Power & Potential

I Choose to Win is a narrative-shifting, power-building and transformational 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in the Philadelphia area. We’re helping women and girls rise up from a defeated, deflated and diminished sense of self attributed to social injustices directly or indirectly caused by capitalism, racism, and sexism, to take their power back and be the change they wish to see in the world! We’ve built our programs to develop women and girls as leaders, while also forging a pathway toward economic independence. 

Our approach is to shift mindsets, upgrade narratives, build a sense of personal power for women and girls to make positive choices and chart new paths in favor of victorious living – Becoming who they only dreamt they could one day become! In 2023, we served more than 575 participants over 18 events in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond. With more than 21 volunteers and 8 partner organizations, we are passionate about helping women and girls believe in the wild possibility that is them fully engaged with their life, realizing their potential to lead and own. We’re talking about leading themselves and their paths to personal fulfillment,  AND owning their time, their choices and their businesses. 


By partnering with women and girls on a journey of self-discovery, we help them better understand & factor in identity-based choices and decision-making. Our choices are reflections of how we identify ourselves.


By promoting asset activation & positive visualization, we inspire hope and set a plan of action for women and girls to unleash their gifts to positively impact the world. Leadership development begins with personal development.


By building a community of BIPOC women and girls who believe in the wild possibility of their futures, we capitalize on resource sharing on the path of entrepreneurship. We are positioning women for equity and ownership.


I won’t give up. I won’t give in. I believe in my purpose, power & potential. In life, I choose to WIN!

85% Women Disengaged

85% of women opt out of important life events because they are not confident –

67% Women Lack Confidence

67% of women said they needed support building confidence to be leaders. – KPMG Women’s Leadership Institute

70% Girls Are Struggling

7 in 10 girls believe that they are not good enough or don’t measure up in some way. –


We curate high-demand programs that motivate, inspire and transform the lives of women and girls!

March 2024 Campaign
25 march 2024

If you’re a woman who’s winning in life, we’re inviting you to help another on her journey to win by paying her fee for our It’s My Time cohort program.

22 april 2024


Calling all woman who believe in their spirit, it’s our time to level up, take a specific action in the areas of our purpose, passion, power and potential. It’s time, join now.

23 april 2024



In partnership with Keystone First, I Choose to Win is hosting its 2nd Community Vision Board Event  in Chester County for community members to bloom this Spring. 

28 june 2024

Reserved for a small group of women is a weekend getaway for those who sign up to enjoy a book writing getaway. Join us if you believe there’s a book in you.

15 JUNE 2024

Join an exclusive group of women who seek to support other women through philanthropic giving. We’re recruiting 100 women who will give $100 to sustain programming.

24 OCTOBER 2024

Save the Date: October 24th and be one of the first 50 to get your tickets at the discounted rate of $175 before August 31, 2024, whichever comes first.

Our impact
Influencing more than 7,800 women and girls in 9 years to make positive choices and shift their life trajectories as they develop as leaders.


Our partners

A community of women lifting others as we climb