I Choose To Win Earned Spotlight feature on IFUNDWOMEN OF COLOR

By Amanda Owens


In August 2023, I Choose to Win Founder Melonie Butler was honored to be selected by IFundWomen of Color (IFWOC) as a woman on the move on its website spotlight reel. Both of our organizations share a common goal of fostering entrepreneurship and addressing the unique challenges faced by women of color in accessing funding and resources. IFWOC continues to bridge the gap and create opportunities for women of color to thrive in the business world.


I Choose to Win has achieved remarkable success in its mission to empower women of color on our own. By supporting and participating in the mission of I Choose to Win via IFWOC’s funding page, readers can continue to contribute to the empowerment of women of color in entrepreneurship and business. I Choose to Win finds it crucial to spread awareness about the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities to the Greater Philadelphia Region and beyond. IFWOC is a national platform that will inspire others to support and participate in these initiatives, fostering a more inclusive and prosperous future for all. Learn more about I Fund Women of Color here