I Choose To Win offers various programs, workshops and speaking engagements to meet diverse audiences where they are (age, maturity, period of transitions, position in life, etc). By customizing the message and approach to reach participants in meaningful and relevant ways, we hope to impact participants’ ability to make meaningful life decisions and changes in favor of what they define as winning.

Though our organization is intentionally focused on women’s empowerment, many of its themes are gender neutral and able to be executed to an audience comprised of both male and female participants. Please see below for program descriptions.

If you’re interested in inviting I Choose To Win to facilitate an empowerment or leadership session for your organization, CONTACT US.

Explore U: Women’s Self-Exploration Program

Introducing EXPLORE U, a membership program offered by the Philadelphia-based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, I Choose To Win. It offers ADULT women (age 21+) an opportunity to intentionally explore who they are by design (what awakens them to their purpose, causes them to engage life more fully). Learn more at exploreUphilly.com. Women can select from the following areas to explore:

  • Modeling
  • Spoken Word/Poetry/Performing
  • Book Writing/Blogging
  • Photography
  • Serenity
  • Dance
  • Business Startup
  • Fitness
  • Singing/Recording/Songwriting

ichoosetowin.tv: New Video Magazine!

We are pleased to announce the beginning phases of development for the new video magazine we plan to launch in place of our print magazine, entitled ichoosetowin.tv. This online, video magazine will feature and showcase women who winning in life. It will tell the backstory of their decision-making and stories of overcoming as a means of encouragement and inspiration for those women who are on similar journeys. Continue to follow us and learn more by visiting ichoosetowin.tv.

  • Featuring women who are winning
  • Showcasing stories of overcoming
  • Highlighting the struggles and victory
  • Recapping I Choose To Win events
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Introducing guest hosts
  • Delivering helpful tips and tidbits

Colleges and Universities

Whether invited by the Student Affairs Team or specific Clubs and Organizations, we offer numerous themed workshops that meet college students where they are. Examples Include:

  • Student Leaders: Lead with Authenticity
  • Unapologetically Me: Learning to love and accept who I am!
  • Popularity & Position vs. Purpose & Passion
  • Unraveling the Mystery of Me
  • Stand for Something. Fall for Anything.
  • Mastering Completion: How to Plan and Follow-Through
  • Finding My Significance on Campus
  • Why Wait? Starting My Business While In College
  • I Choose To Win: Defining My WIN!

Camp and Community Groups

Camp Directors and Community Group Leaders invite I Choose To Win to conduct a half-day or full-day workshop to teach meaningful life lessons to the next generation of leaders. Programs Include:

  • Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant: Grow In Confidence!
  • Say it Like You Mean It: The Art of Speaking Up
  • Go, Grow and Glow: Take Action and Light the Way for Others
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Delegation & Collaboration
  • Nuances and Uniqueness: Embracing Our Differences
  • The Art of Finishing What You Start!
  • Stand Tall: When You’re the Only One Standing for Something
  • Parting Ways: Time to Say Goodbye To Anything Holding You Back
  • I Choose To Win: Overcoming Obstacles

Churches and Ministry Groups

Pastors and Ministry Leaders invite I Choose To Win to offer guided, casual conversation and challenges around Biblical truths. Reflect on personal experiences and deepen correlation of the Word and daily living. Including:

  • Purpose, Passion and Potential
  • I’ve Been Called by God. Now What?
  • I Believe. Forgive My Unbelief.
  • Fearfully & Wonderfully Made: Yet I Don’t Feel Like It!
  • Dealing with Disappointment, Rejection and Past Hurt
  • Learning to Trust God and Stand On His Word
  • Word and Deed: Taking Action Rooted In Faith
  • Love God, Myself and Others
  • Forgiveness and Compassion: How They Help You
  • Victim2Victor: Mindset Shift

Youth Social Organizations

Social Clubs and Youth Organizations may invite I Choose To Win to employs its retreat or workshops to deepen the level of engagement with its young people. Programs Include:

  • Joint Forces: Encouraging Collaboration
  • WINNING: Mindset. Heart Set. Life Set.
  • It’s Already Inside: Purpose & Power
  • My Dream Is Too Big. Help!
  • Unapologetically Me. Period.
  • Finding My Voice
  • Choosing My Friends Wisely
  • Ready, Set, Goal!
  • Raise Up: Self-Directed Civic-Minded Service Projects
  • I Choose To Win: Let the Journey Begin

Middle and High Schools

Principals, Teachers, Guidance Counselors may contact I Choose To Win to employ many meaningful programs to help students grow in self-awareness and service-driven activities. Programs include:

  • Dare to Be Different
  • I’m Ready: Moving Past Fear
  • On a Mission to Realize My Vision
  • Realizing Who I Am & The Gifts Placed Inside
  • Deciding For Myself: Independent Thinking
  • Amplifying My Voice: Self-Expression
  • Against All Odds: Statistics vs. Potential
  • Resisting Peer Pressure
  • I Choose To Win: Journey to Graduation

Women-Focused Organizations

From professional organizations, mom groups to women-focused social groups, I Choose To Win is here to build you back up and remind you who YOU are – again. Seminars, Retreats and Workshop Programs Include:

  • Embark: Journey to a Fulfilling Life
  • The Root of the Matter: Identifying Pain Points That Cause Me to Struggle
  • Who Am I, Again? Dealing with Lost Identity
  • I’m Done! Making a Decision to Release the Negative & Embrace the Positive
  • Rejection or Redirection? A Matter of Perspective
  • Tune In: When We Listen To Our Hearts
  • Combating Complacency & Mitigating Mediocrity
  • What Now? Adjusting Through Life Transitions
  • I Choose To Win: Awaken to My Purpose and Pursue My Passion