Introducing . . . IChooseToWin.TV

January 2018 — We are pleased to announce the beginning phases of development for the new video magazine we plan to launch in place of our print magazine, entitled This online, video magazine will feature and showcase women who winning in life. It will tell the backstory of their decision-making and stories of overcoming as a means of encouragement and inspiration for those women who are on similar journeys. Continue to follow us and learn more by visiting We are excited to transition to a new medium in sharing our messages that continue to carryout our mission, which is to edify, empower and equip women to win in life. Additionally, you will get visual glimpses of our program through recap videos displayed. Stay tuned.

If you would love to volunteer your time, professional services and skills to help push this project to new heights, please contact We will be looking for guest hosts, correspondences and interviewers. And, we will be seeking video editing professionals interested in supporting our efforts on a volunteer basis.