BOLD Intentions: We Made Some.

January 2017 – We joined together as participants in a quiet space to engage in intimate dialogue, and nervously or confidently approached the podium to state aloud one bold intention we were trusting God for in 2017. One by one, we stood behind the podium to state our areas of personal struggle where we have experienced a measure of defeat – and our intention to do something ridiculously bold to confront our fear, insecurity or barrier to winning. In a safe space, we highlighted our strengths, our hopes and visions of the future. And, we stated with absolute clarity our awareness of the barriers that hindered our pursuit of that which we believe God has for us. We connected one another with other women who are operating in similar spaces to build our network. We lifted one another up with words and embrace. We edified, empowered and equipped one another on our respective journeys to WIN in life.


Sharing our favorite motivational messages, reminding ourselves who we are in Christ with life affirming “I AM” statements, and taking a photo shoot to commemorate our decision to choose to win, this was a blessed day and a tremendously positive way to start the new year.