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June 2017 – Introducing EXPLORE U, a membership program that offers adult women an opportunity to intentionally explore who they are by God’s design.

The EXLORE U curriculum seeks to awaken women to a love of self, a renewed sense of purpose (fulfillment in living), and an ignited fire-in-the-belly spirit in an attempt to cause these women to re-engage life with vigor, enthusiasm and a made up mind toward winning, as we’ve defined, boldly, bravely, and brilliantly unleashing their God-given gifts to positively impact the world.

EXPLORE U offers a safe space for women to use their imagination, brainstorm ideas and share unproven thoughts, try something again, be a novice and explore freely. Its no judgment zone encourages women to just “be” and in it, honesty, transparency and vulnerabilities flow freely, fostering a safe space and sense of community.

This program will cost participants approximately $150 for a year-long set of small group workshops facilitated by I Choose To Win before embarking upon mini adventures to learn the areas that awaken us to our voice, passion and purpose. With a committed small group of like-minded women on similar journeys, each member will choose which opportunities to engage and embark upon based on their areas of interest, including but not limited to the following: (Each of these activities will be offered at a rate agreed upon by the service provider and I Choose To Win, based on interest and volume.)

  • Acting
  • Pottery
  • Poetry/Open Mic
  • Songwriting/Voice Coaching/Recording Studio Time
  • Dance Instruction/Dance Studio Time
  • Speaking Coach Instruction
  • Fitness Bootcamp
  • Photography/Modeling
  • Fashion Design
  • Writing/Author’s Workshop
  • Program Development
  • Quiet Retreat

It’s like a camp for grown women who want to sample this, or try at that without committing to any of it for any length of time. The EXPLORE U curriculum is designed to first build the women up to go at it with their whole heart through its workshops, followed by the lineup of activities for women to try for either the first time – or first time in years. More information will be available in July 2017.