Explore U: Modeling (Rescheduled)

**Rescheduled for a date in January 2018 – I Choose to Win will host this fun, unique and special workshop as part of Explore U! Led by facilitator Richii and shot by photographer Nikki Lenore, participants will embark upon a journey of self-exploration and self-love and appreciation immediately before a photographic application. Come prepare to fall in love with the person in your photos.

Workshop Description:

Want to see yourself as the most ideal subject to tell your story through visual images? Join us to hear from our model facilitator who will share the importance of being authentic behind the camera to deliver the best photos that will tell your unique story in images. Ready to put the selfies aside and be captured professionally? 

Interested in joining us?

Visit exploreUphilly.com for more information. Registration required. Location and other details provided to registered participants.