Explore U: November Workshops

Join us for pottery, serenity and modeling/photography. This month is the final month of activity for the EXPLORE U program in 2017 before we get into 2018 programming. We have a special line up to close out the year.

November 5th:  Explore Pottery in the Park (Jazz, Light Fare $40)

November 11th: Explore Serenity (Overnight Trip to Lancaster $70)

November 18th: Explore Modeling (Self-Love and Acceptance Lesson + Photo Session $50)

To join us or learn more, visit exploreUphilly.com to get additional details on each session, register and pay.

Explore U is a membership program offered by the Philadelphia-based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, I Choose To Win. It offers ADULT women (age 21+) an opportunity to intentionally explore who they are by design and seeks to identify what awakens them to their purpose, causes them to engage life more fully. Learn more at ExploreUphilly.com.