I’m Ready To Choose Conference – A WIN!

April 23, 2018 — Fort Washington, PA — I Choose To Win held its “I’m Ready To Choose” conference for women in periods of life transition, preparing to make a decision in favor of victorious living. At the Fort Washington Holiday Inn, event organizers, presenters and facilitators were joined by the women who registered, showed up and stated they were ready! Ready to uncover their issues, unveil their truths, unleash their gifts, to unlock their God-given potential. These women chose victory, hope, positive shifts, optimism on their journeys unique to them. The day consisted of six parts:

  1. Introspective Reflection
  2. Explore, Reveal and Heal
  3. Revisit our Narratives
  4. Redefining Winning
  5. Overcoming Obstacles and Investing in Me
  6. Action Planning

Lengthier than traditional one-day events, the conference was held Saturday, April 21st, from 10 am – 5 pm. Interestingly enough, the 7-hour length did not deter those in the room from staying in the room for the duration. As the event organizer, Melonie Butler, explained at the onset of the conference, this is not a traditional conference. It was designed for the attendees to leave with “exactly what they needed” to begin their journey toward victorious living, including the time to process the information being shared. The day was designed to engage, dig deep, encourage self-reflection, identify obstacles, remove barriers, connect women who formerly felt alone and show parallels of our journeys for support, collaboration and a spirit of togetherness, though each path may lead to different destinations. Those who came, stayed until the end to absorb all of the conference offerings for their own benefit. The engagement, level of connection from woman-to-woman was real, genuine and authentic. The conversation and self-revelations, though shared, were encouraged to remain confidential as the organizers stressed this to be a safe place. More information about the conference and its outcomes will be available in the future.

A special thank you to the following for making this event possible is extended to: Attendees, I Choose To Win, Banana Leaf Catering, Be Cubed Marketing Group, Bonefish Grill, Holiday Inn Fort Washington, Kai’s Cupcakes, Melonie Butler, Naima Cannedy, Zakiya Fatin, Stephanie Ford, Andrea Lawful Sanders and Jennifer Strickland.

To get a visual glimpse of the day, click here: I’m Ready To Choose Event Photos