Need a Speaker for your Event?

If you are hosting a summer workshop, conference or event and would like to stir your audience from the inside out, consider booking Melonie Butler. All proceeds benefit I Choose To Win. To learn more, keep reading.

Melonie Butler, a marketing consultant, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, mother and wife, woman of God is also the founder of a nonprofit, I Choose To Win. She seeks to motivate and inspire others to live victoriously in life. With the perspective that time is a valued and treasured resource, the urgency of NOW is heavily pronounced through her energetic, engaging and challenging workshops and speeches. Butler believes each and every individual has unique purpose, passion, power and potential given by God. Candidly, Butler unveils her own story of awakening to her purpose, pursuing her passion and realizing the potential placed within her. Whether overcoming obstacles, getting unstuck or realizing the gifts within, Butler ignites a flame within women so they are empowered to embark upon a personal journey to “win.”

The name of her program and organization, I Choose To Win, promotes being intentional about the choices we make and messages we allow in our minds and hearts to propel us forward. “I Choose To Win” is a powerful mantra that leaves audiences believing they, too, possess unique purpose, passion, power and  potential to let God define what a winning life means for them – and take action steps to walk in their victory, daily.

Book Melonie Butler to motivate and inspire your audience to unleash their God-given gifts to impact the world and live their best lives NOW!

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