Queens are Winning! Thanks Charlotte.

Women edifying women. Men supporting women. Charlotte was great on so many levels. We heard the stories of pivotal life changes from Dawn Bizzell, Kamella Emmanuel and Melonie Butler. Thank you to all who attended – and who shared so openly and freely about the hindrances and barriers to feeling like you’re winning in life. I pray you were blessed. While being vulnerable and transparent about the things that concerned our hearts, we found we had so much more in common, than not. We were then encouraged by our fellow sister who had been there – so her experience could be a source of encouragement. We removed the titles, roles, labels and social statuses just to be “real.” My God stirred so much that day. I pray over each and every woman who expressed a desire to make life-altering changes in order to be who God has called them to be. To God be the glory.  A special thank you goes out to Nana’s Soul Food Kitchen and their owners for use of their space.