Tell us how you choose to win – And enter to win our gear!

Entries Due by September 5th. Enter to win.

I choose to win is a bold statement of victory. Today, own your victory and remind the world who you are, whose you are – and what you choose to do. Let’s flood social media with positive images of women who will NOT give up, nor give in, but women who, in life, choose to win!

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  • Upload a photo
  • Share it with us using #ichoosetowin or tag us on social media (@ichoosetowin on instagram) ( on facebook)
  • (Entries received by September 5th will win an I Choose To Win, Unapologetically Me Tee shirt). Drawing will be random and announced on the 5th. 

Winning, by our definition is living out the boldness, braveness and brilliance we naturally possess when unleashing our God-given gifts to impact the world. Therefore, winning is different for each of us. Winning is choosing to be true, authentic and unapologetic!

‘I choose to win’ is a clear announcement of one’s expectation in life. Winning begins with a choice, and is followed by an attitude and accompanied by action. It’s accepting the responsibility for whatever is required – including seeing ourselves as winners capable of doing great things to positively impact the world. Let’s start a movement – women who are winning!