Give Her A Reason to Believe

She is here for a reason. She has purpose. She is fearfully and wonderfully made. She is different. She is powerful beyond her understanding. She has passion. She is learning more about who she really is. She is a work of art. She has incredible potential. She is enough. If ONLY she believed these to be true!!

Our “Believe” book is the perfect gift to give your recent high school graduate and incoming college freshman who is off to explore more about herself, outside of the safety net of home. Order this incredible gift and send her a love package including this Believe Book, so she will have visual images of herself throughout the years to remind her who she is – at her core – while she continues to grow and make new decisions for herself. Cost is $65. You can order using the link below. Requires Three Steps:

Step 1: Complete Order Form

Step 2: Pay using GoFundMe (Note: Believe Book Order)

Step 3: Email a link to 40-60 Images (GoogleDrive or Dropbox)

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