Leading with Authenticity: Penn State Abington

We would like to thank Penn State Abington for inviting “I Choose To Win” to facilitate a 5-hour workshop for its President’s Retreat for student leaders. Melonie Butler was joined by speaker, coach and educator, Michael McBride to offer introspective reflection to student leaders – so they may effectively lead their student body with authenticity, strong self-awareness and focus on leaving a positive legacy.  The students’ energy, engagement and connection were incredible. May they bring all of that bundled with focus on bringing forth incredible things at Penn State Abington’s campus. Now, in the words of the event organizers . . .

Thank you for your wonderful and inspirational workshop this weekend at The President’s Retreat. The feedback I have received thus far has been nothing but overwhelmingly positive. You and Michael certainly reached this group of students in a special way and helped them dig deeper into their psyches.  As we spoke, it was amazing to see how many of the male students gravitated (literally!) toward Michael, asking many questions, having conversations during the break and dinner. Your energy and enthusiasm as well as your wisdom opened their eyes to new possibilities including empowering them to leave a legacy at PSU Abington. You and Michael certainly have a gift and, no doubt, you both helped our students learn a little more about themselves as individuals and leaders this weekend.  We will be in touch, but thanks again for providing a valuable addition to the President’s Retreat this weekend.” – Beth, Event Organizer

Click here for a few pictures from this awesome event.