Let’s Talk Ladies: Purpose, Power & Potential

On May 23rd, A multigenerational audience of women (young and mature) filled the private room at Ambler’s Gypsy Blu restaurant to engage in a #letstalkphilly dialogue about what it would take to awaken young women to their unique purpose, power and potential.

The mature women, ranging in age from 32 – 40, in the room had an opportunity to listen to the younger women, ranging in age from 10-22, to understand what they believed they need. Likewise, the younger women heard from the mature women. Overwhelmingly similar messages were felt throughout the evening (Click here for images).

The question was “What will it take to awaken young women to their purpose, passions, power and potential?”

And the consensus is this:

  • A strong understanding of who we are
  • A chance to learn who we really are while being who we are expected to be
  • A few close friends or support system to check in and encourage us
  • A place to talk and freely share when we need to
  • An opportunity to be heard
  • An outlet to release
  • An invitation to deal with life’s struggles and to self-assess
  • A safe place to try new things, gain new experiences and learn their interests (exposure)
  • A program that is dedicated to teaching young ladies to build one another up
  • A reminder of their potential in a world that sends mixed signals about value, significance and self worth
  • A victorious mindset that removes limiting beliefs, self doubt and defeat before even trying
  • A sense of balance (not being too ambitious and focused, but not being too chill, either)
  • A movement that promotes positive messaging about us and our potential

Wow! These young ladies provided examples, specific to their experiences of ways people, environments and messages have caused them to shrink, stop believing and cease striving. While some have chosen to fight through it, others have honestly shared they have not. So, the work, through conversation, has just begun.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.