It’s all in LOVE: God, Self, Others

Love God, Love Oneself, Love Others

With an upward, inward and outward focus, I Choose To Win challenges women to love God completely, to love themselves correctly and love others compassionately.

With a love-centered heart, our gifts are unleashed with power in every environment we are placed. Having a love-centered focus, we encourage women to see themselves, not as society does, but as God does: light, courage, salt and victorious.

With this transition of mindset, we shift from being focused on our societal value of outward appearance, monetary gain, political affiliation and social status, to a spiritual value of eternal significance and impactful for God’s purpose. Also, by believing these, we put to death the sour fruit of self-consciousness, insecurities, self-image issues and jealousy. Women begin to see themselves as intentional, purposeful, bold, brave and brilliant. They become unapologetic about their existence – and become game changers as a result.

These young women become future leaders, community mothers, decision makers, entrepreneurs, spiritual peacemakers, activists, advocates and such. These women are passionate, on fire for God and highly effective in their ministry (whether that’s art, music, family, leadership, serving, laboring, advocating, comforting, etc.).