Why I Choose To Win Matters

In life, it is important to understand who we are and what we were created to do. So many individuals yearn for the answer to the question, “what on Earth am I here for?” So much so, Rick Warren, the author of The Purpose Driven Life, sold millions of his best-selling book that answers that question from a biblical perspective.

Today, with the nature of trending images, extensive social media platforms and the success of a few young celebrities, the media is doing a great job showcasing what many young women are striving to become and do with their lives. Too often, people are striving more and more to be like someone else, look like someone else, wear what someone else wears and live like someone else. It’s not what God intended. What’s happening is this millennial generation of women is choosing to either follow the trend or break the mold – and ours is a program designed for those who choose to break the mold – and win in life.

With I Choose To Win, we would like to encourage a shift away from negativity, promiscuity and lackluster living. In their place, we encourage a hard push toward more positivity, humility and bold living by showcasing uniquely talented individuals on mission. With the speed of information delivery and accessibility of information, we are able to utilize the high visibility and repetitious displays of social media images to deliver positive images and messages of our winners.

As an organization, we are promoting images and stories that uplift, edify and glorify God through the lives of the women. The I Choose To Win social campaign and program both highlight women doing positive things, their decisions to win and their actions to impact the world – one gift, one woman at a time. Naively, It is our hope that this energy will generate its own buzz – and cause other young women to be challenged by what they’re seeing and the life they’re choosing.

I Choose To Win is comprised of individuals who said, “no more” to lukewarm living! Instead, we are bringing courage, salt and light to the environments and to the people within our sphere of influence (community, jobs, corporations, schools, etc.). As a collection of winners, we are bold, brave and brilliant women determined to live a passionate existence.

And, until we meet our creator again, we receive the victory He imparted to us. We are women – decision makers – choosing in favor of an adventurous and meaningful life in Christ.

Watch out, though. We will be unleashing our gifts, pursuing our passions, living boldly for all to impact the world around us. Watch. You’ll see. We choose to win!