#ichoosetowin Magazine

The newly created I Choose To Win magazine is a vehicle to highlight and feature everyday women who are winning in life. In addition to sharing personal stories as each woman defines winning for herself, we offer tips and tidbits for women to stay edified, empowered and equipped on their own journey.

Primarily featuring millennials, from teenage years to early thirties, these women have had a revelation about the way God desires to use them in daily living. Not all women follow the typical path ministry, yet are equally effective for His kingdom by being God-honoring women in their line of work. As a result, they impact those in their sphere of influence.

While some are pursuing passions placed within them, other women are enjoying the path of an unknown final destination – adventurous living in the Lord – just living life daily and responding in obedience to the call. The I Choose To Win magazine celebrates the diversity of stories and journeys our featured women candidly share. It’s a positive, quick read. Take a peek.