Let’s Put Young Women’s Empowerment #OnTheTablePHL

Tuesday, May 23rd, I Choose To Win will host a multi-generational conversation with middle school students, high school students, young adults and adults to understand what it may take to reach the young women with messages of empowerment and cause them to embark upon an empowered journey of their own. We will hear from young women at different stages of life for a rich and robust dialogue.

This conversation is part of many conversations being held around the Philadelphia, PA area in partnership with #OntheTablePHL. There are over 150 organizations having civic dialogues and candid community conversations around varying topics to engage new voices and fresh insight with the hopes of forming innovative solutions for some of today’s problems or challenges. By no means is there an expectation that anything will be solved after these conversations, it’s just an opportunity to invite diversity of perspectives and thought leadership to help get our wheels churning with ideas that we may be able to execute.

Our conversation will be held on Tuesday, May 23rd 6:00 – 7:30 pm in Ambler, PA at a restaurant to be disclosed only to the recipients who signed up.