In Life, I Win! Campaign to feature BIPOC Women Stories from Trial to Triumph

The “In life, I WIN!” campaign by I Choose To Win, launched last year in 2023, was designed to amplify the voices and lived-experiences of Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) Female-owned and Female-led businesses in Montgomery County. This campaign tells the stories of their trials and triumph to demonstrate that though the odds are often stacked against BIPOC women, with a strong mental attitude, creative outlook, positive choices and focused actions, we are victorious in the end. It’s a power-building narrative that does not mitigate the trials and trauma endured, rather it clearly emphasizes the very real barriers we’re still fighting to push through while also showcasing the power of a winning mindset for the individuals who possess it and overcome the obstacles that could have left these women discouraged, disengaged and defeated. 


This campaign was supported financially by Health Spark Foundation through the Dr. Frank E. Boston Black Justice Fund. Additionally, it featured the Empowered Uth participants who served as interns to gain leadership skills in managing the various components of this campaign, which included conducting web-based research, preparing for interviews, building the framework of a directory and soft-skills development, such as communicating with confidence and team building.