Sold Out Showcase for Inner Warrior Screening

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]On Sunday, December 8, 2019, I Choose To Win hosted a debut screening for its film production Inner Warrior at the Theater of Salem Baptist Church in Roslyn, PA, where it welcomed guests for service, the movie and dialogue. Audience included a mixture of young and mature women, men, teens, boys and girls.  With a multi-generational, gender neutral audience, the conversation held thereafter was rich with personal experiences about how important it is to awaken our Inner Warrior to fight against every negative message and limiting belief that seeks to keep us from operating in our gifts and pursuing what God has called us to do. With our bold, brave and brilliant cast members present, the audience was able to share how each story resonated and ask questions about their respective journeys. Consensus was that we can and will do a more intentional job of protecting what influences our thoughts, the choices we make and the habits we form– especially as it pertains to our youth, whose minds are building narratives about themselves from unfiltered messages received from a variety of sources, not all with their best interests at heart. Melonie Butler, Founder of I Choose To Win and film producer, made an announcement that I Choose To Win will be partnering with Salem Baptist Church in 2020 to offer programming to its young women. Details will be announced at a later date. Upon conclusion of the day, Dr. Argie Allen Wilson, therapist featured in the film, wrapped up the dialogue with a charge for audience members to prepare to have courageous conversation. Sharing that truth and transparency lead to transformation, she shared her most recent endeavor, the launch of her first book entitled Courageous Conversations Connect, which she made available for those in the audience who were ready to dig deeper and awaken their Inner Warrior. The screening received an overwhelmingly positive reception. Congratulations to Chanda Quarles for performing her original song, Pupa Fly! A special thank you to the cast members Constance Brown, Adrianna Gabriel, Kamella Emmanuel, Chanda Quarles, Kellyne Williams, Dr. Argie Allen Wilson and yours truly, Melonie Butler, for sharing their stories, insight and tips for consideration. GIVE A REVIEW: We highly encourage you to offer your feedback, and we’re making it easy. Take 20 seconds to do so here. DONATION: If you enjoyed the free event and support the work we are doing, please consider making a donation toward our mission: edifying, empowering and equipping women to win in life. No amount is too small or large.* DONATE HERE. *Donations of $50 or more will receive a letter with our tax info on letterhead. BOOK A SCREENING: More information about the film and future showings will be made available at If you would like to schedule a private screening & workshop with a small group, please contact email SOCIAL MEDIA: Stay connected with I Choose To Win via InstagramFacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. Please share your event photos with us by tagging @ichoosetowin on Instagram and using the hashtag #innerwarriorfilm so we can see your awesome photos. Here are a few of ours: [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]